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Paypal, no doubt is the charm of all online transactions taking over the internet worldwide. It has delivered its integration as much easy with several shopping carts that undoubtedly it has cut throat its competitions. But even with so many advantages, there are few disadvantages too which sometimes annoy an user / force to think for other alternatives .

Among them,few such disadvantages are :

  •  High usage fee for PayPal .
  • Sometimes, payments may be put under review without any reason which makes them held for days.
  • PayPal is also not available in every country, and there are also some restrictions and limits in international usage.

So either way users who rely on online payments (like, Freelancers, SMEs IT Firms etc..) needs to look out for some other reliable though cheap alternatives. Today we are listing out some of the Best Top 10 Alternatives to Paypal. 

Each of them are good / fair in their own way, keeping in factors like location specific advantages , lower usage fees, etc… Let's start with the list along with their specifications for you.


Best Top 10 PayPal Alternatives List.

1. Skrill.

Skrill is an online money transactions service that is a great alternative to PayPal. Users can send and receive money using Skrill worldwide. It also allows users to withdraw money using their debit cards or bank accounts. Merchant fees for Skrill is also quite reasonable.



2. Google wallet.

Google wallet is the new money transfer service offered by Google. You can use Google wallet to store all your credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, as well as send and receive money. You can also use Google wallet to make online purchases. Google wallet can be used as PayPal alternative. The service is integrated with all other Google services like Gmail etc which we already use a lot.


3. WePay.

WePay is a service more focused on users than their credit Information. It has a great customer support as well as great fraud protection. It is a great alternative to PayPal as people are allowed to make purchases via a virtual portal without leaving the site.



4. Authorize.net.

This is a very old service for money transfer more than 20 years. It is widely accepted by about 4,00,000 merchants worldwide. It has also won many awards for its excellent service and is a great alternative to PayPal.



5. ProPay.

ProPay offers a list of features including sending and receiving money online, making payments, paying bills and online shopping. It is accepted worldwide even by sites like eBay. The site offers a ProPay jack, which can read cards on Android and IPhone, for personal transactions.



6. Stripe.

Stripe is a great among other PayPal alternatives as it removes the Need of a merchant account and a gateway. Stride has best features including Storing cards, Handling subscriptions and direct bank payments as well. Merchants can easily integrate payment system in their sites.



7. Payoneer.

Payoneer is a pioneer in the field of global online payment. It is a great choice for both merchants and users. It is recommended service to be used as PayPal Alternatives. For merchants, it is a great service for wire transfers and payment methods. For users, it offers sending and receiving money around the globe through local bank transfers as well as online funds.



8. 2Checkout.

2checkout is a service that allows merchants to process transactions. It does not allow transfer between users but can be used as an alternative to PayPal on merchant side. It supports many payment methods including VISA, Master Card,  Pin Debit cards etc. It works with many currencies and shopping carts.



9. Amazon Payments.

A great in list of PayPal alternatives from a big company like Amazon is Amazon Payments. It offers different services for customers, developers and businesses. You can purchase items using the payment methods stored in your Amazon account. The service is designed to complete online purchases without much hassle.



10. Square.

Square is an alternative to PayPal which provides its users with a magnetic card reader for iPhone / Android. Users can make transactions online using their Mastercard etc. Which are supported by the square card reader.



These were some of the top best PayPal alternatives. You can select any of them according to your preference. For any recommendations, please mention in comments below.

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