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As a developer, I really like to collect and keep a library of useful code snippets that allow me to save a lot of time when building websites or apps. Today, I have compiled a list of the most interesting websites to find useful code snippets.



Snipplr is probably the largest code snippet repository available on the internet. Since 5 years, they have published thousand of pieces of code. Some snippets are super useful, some other not so, but there’s a strong chance that you’ll find what you need on a website with so many snippets.
→ Visit Snipplr

PHP Snips

Are you into PHP? If yes, you’ll for sure love PHP Snips, a PHP-only code snippets library. Hundreds of snippets are freely available, most of them are very useful and well coded.
→ Visit PHP Snips

Jonas John snippet library

Currently 143 quality code snippets, covering PHP, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, and more. A good resource to keep in your bookmarks!
→ Visit Jonas John snippet library

DZone code snippets

DZone Snippets is a public source code repository, hosted by popular developer website DZone. Thousands of snippets in more than 25 languages are available. As it is 100% user powered, quality is very mixed: some snippets are useful and well coded while some other are a complete waste of time.
→ Visit DZone code snippets

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