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Mozilla has announced that it will unveil a new browser on November 10, which will be “built by developers for developers.” Developers can sign up to receive an email update as soon as the browser is available.

The new browser is based on Firefox and will have debugging capabilities and special tools like WebIDE and Firefox Tools Adapter for coding right in the browser. WebIDE allows developers to create apps for the web from a functioning blueprint so they don't have to start from scratch. The tools will enable developers to create, test and edit their applications from within the browser.

The Firefox Tools Adapter has an add-on that can connect to other browser engines. Mozilla says that developers can use their desktop environment to work simultaneously on smaller-screen devices. It includes tools for Debugger, Console and Inspector.

Mozilla states in a blog post, “It's built by developers for developers so you can debug the whole Web, allowing you to more easily build awesome Web experiences. It also integrates some powerful new tools like WebIDE and the Firefox Tools Adapter.”

“Soon, we're going to bring you more, a lot more, in a package that you deserve as a builder for an independent Web,” the blog adds. Mozilla also realized an accompanying teaser video that says that the developer team is building “something unique but familiar.”

Google and Mozilla have previously released browsers primarily targeted at developers like the nightly Chromium and Firefox Aurora channels. But these releases were basically early versions of upcoming consumer releases, meant to keep developers in the loop about upcoming standards support and features. However according to Mozilla, the new browser will focus on browser-tools/interfaces for faster web development.

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