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I personally have an opinion that, it is good to follow the principle that, write to read not to rank!. This article I am going to write includes everything about business analyst (BA) as a career path. As the name speaks, a business analyst is a person who analyses an organization or the business domain and documenting the processes or systems. As the research says the business analyst has become a core practice in the 21st century. The business analysts play a vital role in any kind of industries, no matter whether the industry is larger or smaller. To seize the opportunities in the continually changing the marketplace, it is essential to undergo the business analysis training. Every industry, every technology must be continuously getting upgraded in this competitive world and the same applies to the business analysts too.

What next as an experienced business analyst

I have a question as a writer for all the business analysts who excelled their work in analyzing the business processes in an expert way that, do you ever wonder what’s next as an experienced business analyst?. If you consider BA as your ultimate platform, what options it will open up for you long term?

There are plenty of answers we can collect for the above queries. Up course, it’s a personal choice to choose any one’s career path. But we should be aware of our strengths and passions, specific career opportunities.

Any professional BA can move up with the below mentioned career options:

1: Business Architect- Known as doctor of business architecture

2: BA trainer- Most lovable position for a senior business analyst

3: Product manager- Both a product manager and BA can share the competencies

4: Project Manager- It’s a strong belief that, BA can take the responsibilities of the Project


5: Independent business owner – For any professional BA it’s not a challenge to own a business

6: IT Manager or other IT leadership role

7: Content Developer/ Content strategist – Its more than analyzing the business strategies

8: Enterprise Architect – Must be regularly updated on tech savvy and business analyst, brings

more value to the position

9: Blogger/Author

Distraction in thoughts to choose BA or PM

My mind fought with it by thinking whether to start a career as a Business analyst or as a Project manager. The truth is that in any project, business analyst and project manager are the two key roles. Even though both of them share the responsibilities the difference lies in accountability.

BA is mainly responsible for the product scope of any project which is defined precisely, whereas PM is accountable for completion of the project with th100% success. However, the experts have a strong opinion that, a project can be executed successfully even without a BA but not without a project manager.

There is a very simple difference between a business analyst and a project manager is BA is always focused on content of the project, whereas PM is always focused on process. BA is more responsible to narrate the content perspective and the required quality. Project manager will be more concerned towards the budget and the timeline. To complete the project on time with the quality both the business analyst and project manager must cop up to each other.

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