Write in different fonts on your Stories in Instagram using ‘Type’ feature

Instagram has started rolling out a new feature for its Stories called ‘Type’, which allows you to add text to your story that’s overlayed on different coloured pages. The update will roll out on both iOS and Android platforms.

This new update, however, does not have anything to do with sharing of photos, which is what Instagram’s primary function deals with.

To use the Type Mode, you open the camera icon on the top left part of your screen. At the bottom, you will notice the Type label will be present besides the Live label. Click on it and you are ready to type in whatever your heart desires. Type on the text to try different fonts such as Modern, Neon, Typewriter or Strong. After that, you can also choose different coloured backgrounds.

Though this new feature provides some quirky texts and some eye-catching backgrounds, one can not help but notice how similar it is to Facebook’s own text status with coloured backgrounds.

Type is another from a long list of updates that have been taken from Facebook, including how long ago someone was active on their DM, read receipts that cannot be turned off, archiving older photos and more.

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