Why do you need a responsive website?

Mobile internet usage is growing at a steady pace, it has already crossed the Desktop / PC / Laptop machines based traffic. It means that it has become more than necessary than ever for website owners to think about channelizing their work into designing mobile friendly, handheld device compliant websites. What is a Responsive Website?
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Team Techzax Welcomes Nemi

Well, this time its no tech post, no marketing post ! Today we feel immense pleasure to welcome new “Geek” –  Nemi, in our small though cool crew of Geeks. We heartily wish him our best wishes and hope Nemi to be an asset & integral part of our Techzax Family.    

An Introduction To Graphic Design: What Is Graphic Design

Part 1: What Is Graphic Design When you think of graphic design what come to your mind? A painting? A book? How about a cool poster? These are just a few of the most common mental images evoked by people when asked about graphic design. None of these images provide a true definition of graphic
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End of an Era: Adobe Pulls the Plug on Fireworks

If you are a user of the popular UI design and prototyping tool Adobe Fireworks, this will greatly concern you: At the recent MAX conference, Adobe announced their next generation of tools (known as CC), including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash Pro… and many others. But not including Fireworks. What does this mean for Fireworks? Well, tragically it does means
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