Apple plans to start manufacturing iPhones in Bengaluru

If news buzz are to be believed, ​To get a boost from the Indian market, tech giant Apple is now planning to make iPhones by setting up a facility in Bengaluru city’s industrial hub Peenya.
According to the news sources, the production in the IT capital will begin from April 2017.

Other sources also confirmed the ‘seriousness’ of Apple in beginning the assembly operations and are aiming to accomplish their complete manufacturing plan in India by the end of year.

Wistron, a Taiwan-based manufacturing partner of Apple will reportedly manufacture and assemble the iPhones for the tech giant, a report from a prominent daily newspaper revealed.

It is also being estimated that local manufactures will come to the aid of Apple and will make its products much cheaper as the entire imports will attract an additional duty of 12.5 %.

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